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Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Starting any care with Tiff's Tails and signing any of the care forms means you agree to the terms and conditions we hold. it is important you are aware of all of these to ensure a happy, healthy environment and to ensure a professional and safe service. 

For a copy to keep these on record please click the link below.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are in place to ensure a healthy, happy and hygienic environment for resident dogs at Tiff’s Tails.

  • Signing the relevant forms also means you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Anything you do not agree with should be discussed and I will put an amendment in writing IF I can still provide services.

  • No service will be confirmed until a meeting has taken place either in your own home or a my own depending on your required service. For boarding, a trial session of 2 hours MUST take place. All relevant documentation MUST be completed and signed and a deposit paid before a space is confirmed and care provided.

  • A deposit equal to 10% of the total boarding fee is required for all boarding bookings - this is non-refundable and must be paid by 7 days after confirmation of a booking is made, along with the receipt of all relevant documentation. Confirmation must be made within 48 hours of a trial taking place.

  • The boarding fee MUST be paid in FULL on or before the first day of boarding. Boarding is charged per day regardless of drop off and pick up times. 

  • Payments for daycare and walking must be paid in full BY the last day of daycare/walks for each week. Continued late payments and chasing up payments may result in services being put on hold or stopped. 

  • Accounts that are still in arrears once services are suspended will result in further legal action being taken.

  • Cancellations must be made as soon as possible. Boarding cancellations made within 7 days will be charged in full as I will have allocated space for your dog. Cancellations made within 14 days will be charged at 50% payable.

  • Walking, daycare and visit cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged in full.

  • Repeated cancellations OR no show clients will be removed from the books and care will not be provided.

  • Cancellation must be made in writing via text at 07780456564, by email at [email protected] OR via your client portal on Pet Sitter Plus. 

  • Those that require the same service weekly must provide 7 days notice if they have walks or visits for 4 days or more days each week and wish to cancel any/all of their services temporarily or permanently. 

  • Notice must be provided of more than 48 hours if clients have walks or visits for less than 4 days and wish to cancel any/all of the services either temporarily or permanently. This includes those that only require services during school term times. Tiff's Tails must be informed with notice.

  • Christmas and New Year are charged at a double fee. These services are non-refundable at any time. Cancellations will be charged in full.

  • All pets are boarded at the owner's risk. 

  • Dogs can be refused for dog boarding and daycare if Tiff's Tails deem them unsafe or otherwise unsuitable (for example: excess toileting/destructive behaviour, ill mannered during trial session, causing unnecessary stress to Tiff’s Tails’s resident dogs such as excessive mounting etc). 

  • Dogs must be well socialised and well-mannered around other dogs to ensure the safety of all dogs at Tiff's Tails. 

  • Dogs must be up to date with vaccinations OR have an up to date titre test to prove immunity. Proof of either must be seen.

  • Before any boarding booking or daycare service is started, a 2 hour trial session must take place in the home to ensure your dog and my resident dogs get along. This is free of charge but late collection will result in a £10 fee. 

  • If any problems arise during the 2 hours, owners will be contacted to collect their dog(s) immediately and the booking will not go ahead.

  • Owners are welcomed to view the home, but we ask that this is arranged separately to the trial session to prevent owner influence and minimise stress on resident dogs. 

  • Daycare AND walking bookings must be made BY 10am at the very latest on the Friday for the week ahead. Any bookings made after this time cannot be guaranteed as staff need to be booked and any available spaces will be allocated to any clients on a waiting list for that week OR for ad hoc bookings. 

  • Morning or Afternoon drop off/pick up slots must be stated at the time of confirming a boarding booking. Morning drop offs must be between 9.30am – 11.30am and afternoon between 3pm and 5pm. A specific time within these slots MUST be confirmed 7 days before boarding commences.

  • Tiff’s Tails can no longer offer pick up/drop off times outside of the slots provided.

  • The full boarding amount will still stand if you pick up your pet earlier than arranged during booking.

  • We ask that owners do not arrive to collect/drop off their dog outside of the agreed time UNLESS you make additional contact and we confirm that this is suitable. This is to prevent clashing with another dog that may be coming/going and to allow us to have our resident dogs settled.

  • If any pet is deemed to require treatment for fleas/ticks or worming on arrival they will either be treated and a fee charged to you when you return or you/your emergency contact will be contacted to collect your dog. You will also be charged for the treatment of the house (for fleas). 

  • Tiff’s Tails reserves the right to turn away any dog that arrives for boarding with signs of fleas. The full payment will still be required.

  • Any dog that arrives for a trial session may be checked for signs of parasites. They will be turned away before any dog introductions take place if any are present. Please don't be offended if we spot check your dog. 

  • If a trial is cancelled due to fleas, we will ask that you wait 28 days before re-booking. 

  • Damage to the home, furniture or fittings must be reimbursed by the owner within seven days of the boarding period ending. This includes cleaning costs for excessive/inappropriate toileting. 

  • In an event that your dog becomes aggressive, is no longer safe to board here or causing continuous problems with the resident dogs, Tiff’s Tails will make every effort to contact you and/or your emergency contact. In an emergency I reserve the right to use a boarding kennels at your expense. 

  • ALL dogs must wear a suitable fitting collar displaying an ID tag for daycare and walking. (A Tiff's Tails ID tag will be used whilst boarding). This is a LEGAL requirement. 

  • ALL dogs MUST be microchipped – this is also a LEGAL requirement. Proof is needed.

  • Owners requiring their dogs to be walked in a group must ensure their dog is well-mannered and social with others while on lead (and off if applicable).

  • Tiff’s Tails reserves the right to use head collars or suitable harnesses in the event a dog pulls excessively. This is particularly important for strong dogs, or those walking in a group. It is also important for those dogs that are reactive or excessively excitable on lead. This is to ensure a safe, comfortable walk for all involved.

  • Staff using the above equipment will be shown how to use them correctly to ensure your dog is happy wearing and walking in a head collar or harness. We will also condition your dogs to the equipment to prevent stress. We may ask that you help us with this process at home between walks. 

  • We will NOT use choke chains, prong collars, e-collars etc. Only head collars such as a Canny Collar, K9 Bridle, Dogmatic, Gencon etc will be used. All headcollars used will be checked for the right fit before walking for safety and to ensure your dog is comfortable. Harnesses will be fitted correctly and none are used that promote discomfort such as pulling up into the armpits. If a no pull harness is used it will be one with a front ring attachment only to redirect the dog's balance and attention back to our walker. 

  • We reserve the right to use our own equipment if we feel your own is not safe/suitable. For example, a loose or bad fitting harness/collar. 

  • Dogs will only be exercised off lead with written consent from the owner and is done so at the owner's risk. Tiff’s Tails reserves the right to keep dogs on lead if my staff or I don’t feel comfortable letting them off due to lack of recall, bad manners around other dogs etc.

  • Any illness/injury MUST be reported to Tiff’s Tails as soon as possible to ensure an alternative service can be provided if necessary and to avoid charges.

  • All owner information is kept confidential and only discussed between myself and my staff. Any changes to your information must be reported to Tiff’s Tails.

  • Tiff’s Tails reserves the right to cut agreed walk time short if the safety of the client’s dog(s) or the walker is compromised. For example, aggressive behaviour, pre-existing condition causing discomfort etc.

  • Extreme weather may also result in changing a walk to a visit and play session OR the walk being cut short - this will still be charged in full.

  • If a dog requires toweling down due to mud/water, Tiff’s Tails and its staff will endeavor to ensure this is done as best we can. Some dogs do not like being rinsed or rubbed down and we hold no responsibility for any marks after we have returned your dog(s).

  • Tiff’s Tails will, where preferable, use our own leads. This is to ensure that no owner’s leads are damaged, mixed up or lost.

  • Tiff’s Tails refuses to use retractable leads.

  • Times can NOT be guaranteed. We will, where possible endeavor to accommodate requested times but these are subject to other dogs’ locations, routes we take, traffic and roadworks etc.

By signing the relevant booking forms, you agree to the above.

Thank you,

Tiff's Tails